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When shopping for a bridle, it’s important to select a size that will achieve an optimal fit for your horse. This in turn will ensure that your horse is as comfortable as possible when bridled.

At Bobby’s English Tack our bridles are typically available in the following five sizes:

  • Shetland
  • Pony
  • Cob
  • Full
  • Oversize

If you are unsure which bridle size is optimal, following are a few methods to help you determine the size best suited to your horse:

1. Current Halter Size
Provided that his current halter size fits reasonably well, you can likely assume that he will fit into the same size bridle. For example, if a full size halter fits your horse, then a full is likely to be the correct bridle size. If, on the other hand, a full size halter is too small, then your horse will likely be more comfortable in an oversize bridle.

2. Current Bridle Size
Using either your own bridle or a borrowed one, check the fit on your horse and choose your new bridle size based on how the trial bridle fits. Once you have made all the necessary adjustments, your bridle parts should ideally fit on one of the middle holes. If you find that you are on the top hole(s), then your horse likely needs a smaller size. Conversely, if you find that you are adjusting the bridle to one of the lower/last holes, then your horse likely needs a larger size. Keep in mind that all leather bridles will stretch out over time and bridles that are well-worn or have been over-oiled have a tendency to stretch out even more. Therefore, it’s best to use a bridle that is in new or fairly new condition to assess potential size.

3. Measure Your Horse
Another option is to actually measure your horse for a bridle using a soft fabric measuring tape with inch increments. Refer to the image below for help identifying the bridle parts for which you are measuring your horse for:

  • Crownpiece/Cheekpiece. Measure from the corner of your horse’s mouth, over the poll, to the other corner of his mouth.
  • Browband. Measure from the outer edge of your horse’s ear, around the forehead, to the very outer edge the opposite ear.
  • Throat Latch. Measure from the outer edge of your horse’s ear continuing under his throat to the outer edge of his opposite ear.
  • Noseband. Measure the entire circumference of your horse’s muzzle at a point that is about one inch below his cheekbones.
  • FlashMeasure the entire circumference of your horse’s muzzle at a point that is just below the bit.

Once you have obtained these measurements, please contact us so that we can compare your measurements to our bridle sizes and specifications. In some cases, it may be necessary to customize a bridle to obtain the optimal fit.

Customization is available Bobby’s English Tack at no additional charge. When placing a customization order online, please choose ‘Other’ as size option and include the required measurements in the ‘Notes’ area. We recommend that you also send the measurements via email to [email protected]

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Bridle Sizing – Cob, Full, Pony, Oversize

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